PRONOIA[GALLERY] is the expression of three minds. We are interdisciplinary storytellers, who discover an opportunity to show art in a distinct way. We combine the traditional gallery style with the dramatic arts, to create a unique and immersive art-viewing experience.

Online, PRONOIA[GALLERY] showcases pieces through mini-short films with narratives that not only showcase the art, but also provide a glimpse into the mind of the artist, and also the art-making process.

For live shows, PRONOIA[GALLERY] exhibits in the self-coined format of “Art is in the House.” In this format, the gallery intervenes a domestic space—house, condo, cabin, etc—to make it come to life, full of art, and also people who inhabit the scene. PRONOIA mixes the traditional gallery style with live theater, to produce a unique art buying experience.

PRONOIA[GALLERY] is an experimental and experiential gallery, which relies on storytelling as a vehicle to share visual art.
ALEJANDRO HEIBER—Creative Director
Alejandro loves directing. He has directed film, theater, music videos, experimental videos—he’ll even direct traffic if you let him.
Born in Venezuela, and at age eighteen he moved to the United States with a soccer scholarship. After an injury frustrated his dreams of being a professional athlete, Alejandro turned his attention to the art of storytelling. He has lived in Los Angeles, California for more than ten years, working in the film industry mostly as a video editor and writer.
As a Creative Director of PRONOIA[GALLERY], Alejandro hopes to constinously come up with new ways to exhibit and sell art. 
When not working at PRONOIA[GALLERY], Alejandro loves making visual art through a process of creation, destruction, and rebuilding, writing screenplays about murderous beards, and singing comedy reggeaetón songs.
Venezuelan born Marinés Adrianza grew up in a small town near the coast. Being always surrounded by nature and growing up with artist parents, made her perceive life through a different lens. A passion for painting sprouted very early in her life and was nurtured later by an interior design and psychology education that led to who she is today and to what she wants to express.
Exploring all kinds of media is still an ongoing learning process for her. That curiosity takes her to meet new artists, learn new techniques and points of view, and together with life happenings... To grow as an artist and as an individual.
Being part of PRONOIA[GALLERY] brings her the fantastic opportunity to curate a unique scene that tells a story since the moment the spectator interacts with a piece. The idea of touching people through an interactive experience where ART is the bridge to an idea, a story, an emotion, feels to her just like the right way to connect with people.
Virginia is a producer, writer and performer born and raised in Guadalajara Mexico. For the past 7 years she has been working for a renown art collector in Los Angeles, California. Her passion and knowledge of the art world grew through the years as she worked with Artist, Galleries  museums and collectors worldwide. 
As a producer and writer she has collaborated with some of biggest companies in the U.S and Latin America such as Viacom, MTV and Televisa. 
Her passion for always giving back to the community lead her to be a board member of the Los Angeles highschool of the arts, as well as a producing live shows for Homeward L.A which raises money for the Homeless community of Los Angeles.
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